Blogging: Misconception 06 (Ep.07 – SL20070724)

Using blogs vs. Dreamweaver to build sites

Feature: Episode #7 continues with our 7 part series titled ‘7 Misconceptions of Blogging’, and reveals Misconception #6: "Can I actually use a blog as a website?" Sherman exposes this misconception and reveals what he gave up using in exchange for utilizing blogging platforms for powering his websites.

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Sherman Hu: Hello, and welcome to another episode of Podcast. This is your host, Sherman Hu. Today’s episode, number seven, we cover blogging misconception number six. And, the misconception is, people ask: "Can I actually use a blog as a website?" Stay tuned for our answer.

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Sherman: Well, if you ask me the question "Can I actually use a blog as a website?" Of course you can!

Now, I’ve almost retired my website publisher software – I was using Macromedia Dreamweaver. And I have now stopped using Dreamweaver and have been building professional looking websites using a blogging platform like WordPress since 2004.

Now, honestly, I was using the Blogger platform, the platform, at the beginning. But then after being frustrated with lack of features and slow publishing times, I decided to hunt down to the next best platform and decided on using WordPress.

Now, with WordPress, you can use many different themes and plug-ins, and creative graphics and color schemes. And you can turn your blog into a professional, yet powerful website.

Now, let me back track a little bit. Themes are like design layouts. And to find them, you would just Google for them. You can Google for "WordPress themes", you’ll find a ton of them. Or you can do a Google search for "WordPress plug-ins" and you’ll find a ton of them also.

Plug-ins are modules of code that add functionality to your blog. So if you activate a plug-in, for example, a translator plug-in to your blog, then you will have the capability on your blog to showcase, let’s say, half a dozen different flags as icons and let’s say, one of them is a Germany flag, and somebody clicks on the Germany flag, and your entire blog and postings alter to the German language on the fly. So that’s a very, very powerful plug-in to use if you want to showcase a variety of different languages on your website.

In addition, your blog will offer an easy way for your visitors to offer you feedback, which is very sorely lacking on traditional websites. Plus your blog will also attract the search engines to crawl for it, for its new content, potentially giving you a boost in the search engine results, which then increases your website’s exposure.

Compared to traditional websites, it will take usually a lot longer for the engines to find your site, or your new page. But with the blogging features, there’s an update feature in WordPress that allows you to automatically update the search engines with your new content or your new page as soon as you publish it without you having to do anything extra. So that’s very powerful.

So, now that you can use your blog as a website and let’s get blogging!


Sherman: Well, thanks for staying tuned with me. That brings us to the end of this podcast. Today’s podcast revealed misconception number six, which I am excited to let you know that next episode is the final episode of this series titled "The Seven Misconceptions about Blogging".

Now, not only will I reveal misconception number seven next week, which is, "You can’t get good search engine rankings with your blog!" but I’ll also add another bonus misconception. And that one says, "I hear it’s difficult to publishing audio and video on blogs."

Well, so next episode I’ll cover not just one but two misconceptions. And that will bring us the end of this series where I will then reveal what the next podcast episodes would be all about.

Well, thanks once again. I’ll catch you on the next episode.

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Great! Thanks so much for your prompt feedback, Sherman -- and my apologies for missing the audio link on the main page. I'm looking forward to listening in!

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Sherman Hu

Hi Metta, good point! I'm looking into this and there should be a link on this page shortly.

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Thanks for the heads up, and appreciate you checking out my podcast!



Am I missing something here? Where's the actual link to listen to this podcast? I'm interested since I need to choose between a blogging platform, and general CMS system and traditational web site design. Thanks.