Connecting Utterz to Blog, Twitter & Facebook – Full Video


Though this was posted by Utterz in a previous blog entry, I wanted to share with you the full size version – simply download it and you’ll see it in 640×480. Enjoy.


This video shows you how to add connections in your Utterz account (free Mobile Blogging service) to your blog, Twitter (a free Microblogging service) and Facebook (a social media platform) profiles. 


Sherman Hu: Hey, hey, hey! This is Sherman Hu coming to you live, uttering on

Utterz is a new service at; where you can mobile blog or in short, "moblog", at anytime, by calling a number. You can send your videos, your pictures, your text and your voice via cell phone and automatically send it to your blog with this service. You can also have it automatically connect it to your social network service whether it may be Facebook, MySpace or whatever the case may be.

It’s great! You can actually have a widget up in your blog with a collection of your moblog. What a great way to be able to be away from the laptop, the computer and still be able to update web properties whether it be blog or your social network.

Check it out,! Catch you later. Bye.

Sherman Hu
Sherman Hu

Thanks Jeff! Appreciate you taking the time to check it out ;-)

OK, OK, I give in. If you really wanna see the Shermster Rockstar in action, check out my sexy hair and Abba dance-along video here.

Jeff Madison
Jeff Madison

Thanks Sherman.

As always this is great information. Although I think you should use some of the video you and Ed Dale did on iChat. The wig really adds character.