Half Hour Huddle on ShermanHu.tv for 20081201

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The 1st of December saw my return to the Huddle after a week off due to travels out of town, and not wanting to carry gear with me whilst attending my best friend’s surprise birthday party – can you blame me? ;-)

In addition, Sarah (my wife) and I were celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary and my 35th birthday at our favorite local resort, and returned just an hour prior to this broadcast, so you’ll see some references to it in the Show Notes below.

Great questions as usual from our Huddle supporters. Questions range from camcorders, to parental filters for children surfing the web, to broadcasting with Ustream, to blogging with WordPress. One question by ‘yogiwan’ at timestamp 11:09 opened up a “can of worms” and I shared in more detail how one can achieve massive exposure, traffic and sales from blogging, podcasting, video, social media and other effective no-cost/low-cost marketing strategies. This is my personal “HOT Blueprint” for getting tons of traffic, and branding YOU as an expert in whatever field you choose to attack.

Enjoy this episode and please share your feedback, comments and takeaways below in the comment box, or at ShermanHu.tv. Thanks!

Show Notes

10:46 shermanlive : !moderateon

10:47 shermanlive : !topic Half Hour Huddle with Sherman Hu for Dec 1 2008

10:47 shermanlive : howdy everybody!!!

10:47 eldonletkeman : hello there!

10:48 shermanlive : happy Dec 01 to y’all ;-)

10:48 RoadWarriorShow : What up?!

10:48 eldonletkeman : thanks

10:49 RoadWarriorShow : Really diggin the new white background last episodes

10:49 eldonletkeman : yeah, much better than black, we can see you now

10:49 RoadWarriorShow : Do u have any glow sticks 4 us w this music

10:51 shermanlive : do u see and hear me now?

10:51 shermanlive : sorry i kicked the wired connection

10:51 ModernGearTV : Hi Sherman! I wanted to be here for this but I’ll be just in and out as I am working…

10:51 eldonletkeman : crazy just waitun for the feed to fully return

10:52 RobNelson : How was your Birthday?

10:52 shermanlive : sorry dudes, i kicked the connection off ;-)

10:52 RoadWarriorShow : oh yeah…happy belated.

10:53 RoadWarriorShow : Thinking of going HD cam. Canon HF100 or Vivia or other?$5-$700 budget

10:53 eldonletkeman : cool, I’ll see what i can do

10:55 WildAngel : there is sherman… no audio?

10:55 RobNelson : What software or program do U use to prevent your kids from surfing to sites U do not want them to visit?

10:55 eldonletkeman : The canon product is always nice, they have superior lenses

10:55 EdShaz : It’s all good now

10:55 eldonletkeman : and they are fairly cost effective

10:56 WildAngel : Sherman how was your bday/anniv. weekend?

10:56 eldonletkeman : if you want to save some bucks, you might want to even consider going with previous models, cheaper and still good tech

10:57 WildAngel : audio?

10:58 shioti : hi Sherwin,  I am signed in already. but can someone right a message here without signing up?

10:58 realsource : @realsource hey Sherman

10:58 shioti : I mean write

10:58 michelletrent : Hi Ed

10:58 EdShaz : @Wild angel Audio is good here

10:58 EdShaz : Hi MichelleT :)

10:58 drdawg81 : Thanks, we met at Stompernet

10:58 SelfMadeCelo : I’ve got a question thats been annoying me..How do you go about A/B testing when you have an old HTML site up against a new PHP site with an external shopping cart (UltraCart) and testing with Google Website Optimizer?

10:58 SelfMadeCelo : Hi =)

10:59 shioti : thanks

10:59 WildAngel : odd is was muted… never had that before

11:00 SelfMadeCelo : Happy Belated Birthday!

11:00 JoselinMane : Que Pasa all

11:00 WildAngel : Did vid inside it was grainy… coolpix. used it before so confused

11:00 TCTC : Congrats and Happy B-day.

11:00 RKCastillo : Is the video not working?

11:00 RKCastillo : or is my computer broke?

11:01 eldonletkeman : You might want to consider a camera even something with a HD, depending on your purpose

11:01 RobNelson : RKCastillo refresh the page

11:01 shermanlive : http://camcorderinfo.com

11:01 JoselinMane : really I just refreshed my page and only see found no video

11:02 EdShaz : Q: Could you do a quick summary, of your WP help options/levels properties?

11:03 shermanlive : http://opendns.com

11:03 RobNelson : My daughter friend called her and told her to go to a site that was nasty

11:04 RobNelson : Tahnks I will check opendns out!

11:04 WildAngel : it was muted

11:04 WildAngel : strange

11:06 shermanlive : @davidbullock http://davidbullock.com

11:07 SelfMadeCelo : will do thanks!

11:08 shioti : Sherwan, I am new to Ustream. can I stream a private show to my family? or once I have a stream broadcast it is open to anyone?

11:08 EdShaz : <–Even refresh right under the video screen

11:08 EdShaz : <–Refresh over there

11:09 yogiwan : I have a blog up for about 4 months with little traffic.  I am posting content about 4 times a week.  Promote on HubPages and Facebook.  Other suggestions for traffic building.

11:09 JoselinMane-1 : I am all set now, opened IE instead of FF3

11:09 JoselinMane-1 : your show is now ad supported?

11:09 WildAngel : Joselin- Sherman is in basic black turtle neck. white bckgrnd. He looks Ok:)

11:09 JoselinMane-1 : Hey Just got an iphone, what are some good resources

11:10 EdShaz : Your different wptutorials compared to tutorilaU/ compared to courses= a brief overview in steps?

11:10 JoselinMane-1 : yeah I see Sherm seems to be in a whiate outer space LOL

11:10 MikeStuart : Q: What ar your thoughts on Jeff Johnson’s Free SEO Blog Software (WP) ?  Good/Bad?

11:11 WildAngel : Darn.. Joselin I was going to say his hair went red for his bday

11:11 RKCastillo-1 : Need to change my wordpress blog to a new server but don’t know how to

11:11 eldonletkeman : Hey Sherman, what’s your preference: Open-source or Pay-for services?  Any suggestions for CMS or similar services?

11:11 shioti : Sorry about the name. thanks dude you are very helpful

11:16 shermanlive : http://search.technorati.com

11:17 shermanlive : http://TubeMogul.com

11:17 shermanlive : http://HeySpread.com

11:20 yogiwan : Great orchestration advice for putting things together

11:20 yogiwan : Thanks

11:20 JoselinMane : Yeah I had a video several times on page one in less than 15 mins

11:21 realsource : great stuff Sherman

11:21 shioti : Can I embed my ustream live broadcast with chat to my own website like MySpace etc.?

11:21 SCHEFF-1 : great idea

11:22 JoselinMane : I would highly recommend sponsarship because it’s extremely informative

11:22 SCHEFF-1 : Take the actual sponsors o support you

11:22 eldonletkeman : Yeah, totally, I say go for it

11:22 WildAngel : We would place our own ads?

11:22 morate : no problem with sponsors.

11:22 WilsonMattos : I like the idea Sherman

11:22 SCHEFF-1 : especially the indy companies

11:22 Weltonian : Sponsors work…. gotta pay the bills.  ;-)

11:22 realsource : I like the idea

11:24 SelfMadeCelo : Super Monkey Ball

11:24 JoselinMane : xcellent I look forward to chatting more about the iphone!

11:24 SelfMadeCelo : #1 thing to do after getting iPhone..Jailbreak it =)

11:24 morate : iPhone apps…I like Taxi(calls taxi for u), Wikipanion, Flixster(movies) and NYTimes

11:25 WildAngel : We can talk about him now…

11:25 cknicker-1 : Evernote is da bomb

11:26 JoselinMane : yes I have evernote

11:26 yogiwan : Just for your viewers http://chefwannabee.com  is the blog

11:26 JoselinMane : I have flixter and nytimes actually I got many iphone apps from time magazine

11:26 IanStuart : Why use a paid for WP theme over a free one? Does the paid one eliminate hidden outgoing links?

11:27 JoselinMane : I could share if you guys want the link (time magazine top 11 iphone apps)

11:27 WilsonMattos : BTW, I got SEMIO Pro and Wishlist Member…they rock.  Have you tried wpSALES and wpSLEEP plugins?

11:28 DulcitaLove : Your show is the featured one playing today on http://ustream.tv.

11:29 WilsonMattos : RKCastillo-1: if you need help with the blog move, give me a shout on twitter.com/WilsonMattos

11:30 JoselinMane : Que Pasa DulcitaLove ;-)

11:30 shermanlive : http://WordpressProTheme.com

11:30 shermanlive : http://snipurl.com/onetheme

11:30 DulcitaLove : Hi @JoselinMane :)

11:31 IanStuart : TY

11:32 shermanlive : http://twitter.com/shermanhu

11:32 HuckC21-1 : How do you get the white background in your video?  Sorry, new to broadcast.

11:32 RobNelson : http://twitter.com/RobGNelson

11:32 DulcitaLove : http://twitter.com/dulcitalove

11:32 eldonletkeman : http://www.twitter.com/eldonletkeman

11:32 JoselinMane : http://twitter.com/JoselinMane

11:32 maverick88 : http://twitter.com/maverick18

11:32 WilsonMattos : http://twitter.com/WilsonMattos

11:32 trilbyj : http://twitter.com/tjbuffoonery

11:32 TCTC : https://twitter.com/JeradB

11:32 SelfMadeCelo : http://twitter.com/selfmadecelo

11:32 WildAngel : http://twitter.com/sandraschubert

11:32 yogiwan : http://twitter.com/yogiwan

11:33 realsource : http://www.twitter.com/realsource

11:33 cknicker-1 : twitter.com/cknicker

11:33 drdawg81 : http://twitter.com/debragarrison

11:34 TCTC : https://twitter.com/JeradB

11:34 SelfMadeCelo : oh did that work out for you?

11:34 Weltonian : Aloha!  :-)

11:35 craftyGAgal : New first time loved it, Chris Flores tipped me bout u, sweet

11:36 eldonletkeman : great show

11:36 RobNelson : Thanks again! U Rock Sherman!

11:37 HuckC21-1 : Added you to my Calendar… will be back next week.  Do you do any other shows?

11:37 WilsonMattos : are you streaing tunes from web into feed or from external device connected as input?

11:37 eldonletkeman : Yeah, i have this show on my calendar too, never know when I can help or need help

11:37 yogiwan : Interesting issue  Lost the network connect for email but your stream is still on Hummmm

11:38 CindyMoore2014 : I just got here…missed it all!

11:38 HuckC21-1 : How do you get your white background?

11:38 CindyMoore2014 : You look great Sherman!

11:39 CindyMoore2014 : White background very cool

11:39 JoselinMane : Party Time in the ShermanLive show!

11:39 WildAngel : I miss the lime green shirt

11:39 RobNelson : 82 viewers Cool!

11:39 shioti : 92 views

11:39 RobNelson : and going up!

11:39 JoselinMane : -98 views

11:40 WildAngel : What!!!

11:40 TCTC : There is always a first for everything including owning a lime green shirt =P

11:40 CindyMoore2014 : Had a fun & gr8t birthday/anniv weekend?

11:40 SelfMadeCelo : I’m all for hot pink

11:40 RobNelson : do the questions get recorded?

11:40 WildAngel : I am sure. Maybe I just dreamed it. :)

11:40 TCTC : heh, you would be celo

11:41 Weltonian : Figured out why your stream was freezing on my computer…. had too many windows open – Firefox Mac.

11:41 TCTC : firefox and mac don’t always get along.

11:41 WilsonMattos : Sherman can you follow me on twitter so I can send you a DM?

11:41 CindyMoore2014 : Wonderful!  You need that kind of R&R often!

11:41 Weltonian : Been trying out Flock lately…..

11:42 SelfMadeCelo : Flock is based on Firefox..

11:42 RobNelson : How is the new work sched working?

11:42 SelfMadeCelo : Uses the same engine

11:42 Weltonian : You’re right.  :)

11:42 JoselinMane : Why the white background today?

11:43 shermanlive : i’m using the white background now

11:43 shermanlive : very Mac ;-)

11:43 eldonletkeman : Mac = superior

11:43 Weltonian : Cool colors…. very fashionable.  :)

11:43 TCTC : Well time for lunch! Have a great day everyone!

11:43 CindyMoore2014 : Have a great day!

11:44 Weltonian : twitter.com/welton

11:44 Weltonian : Aloha everyone!

11:44 CindyMoore2014 : Bye!

11:44 eldonletkeman : cya

11:44 SelfMadeCelo : See ya!

11:44 cknicker-1 : Did I see a plug for semilogicpro?

11:45 JoselinMane : wow that recording launched very quickly!

11:45 shermanlive : that’s true!

11:45 shermanlive : catch ya guys and gals later!

Sherman Hu
Sherman Hu

Hey Michele,

I reveal how I get the white background effect on this video. At timestamp 11:38, an audience member asked the question and I shared my strategies - scrub the video to after that point and you'll get your answers ;-)

Tip: It has to do with white backdrops, lots of light and opening camcorder apertures ;-)

michele price
michele price

How do you have a white background I use mac too but apple can;t tell me how to get this down without green screen etc... is there an easy way?

Thanks Dude