How To Add LinkedIn To Hootsuite is a web-based professional Twitter (and now social media) client. It boasts a suite of features including:
– Scheduled tweets
– Stats tracking
– Mulitple users and accounts
– Brand monitoring
– And now, adding additional social networks

Hootsuite has recently given users the ability to add additional social networks, eg. LinkedIn to your Hootsuite control panel. This tutorial will showcase how to do just this.

(How to add Facebook to Hootsuite tutorial here)

Why Add Other Social Media Accounts To Hootsuite


01. Convenience: With Hootsuite’s new integration, you have the convenience of viewing all your mulitple social media accounts from one powerful client, instead of logging into 3 different services.

02. Control: The Big 3 social media networks I participate in are: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This new integration gives me control of my Big 3, check updates and feedback on friends’ updates from one control panel. And since Hootsuite is web-based, I can login to my account at any Internet cafe or even at a friend’s home.

03. Accomplish More: Since I’m saving time (and in essence, money) with this convenience and control – assuming I’m being intentional in my social media efforts – this allows me to get on with my other ‘spinning plates’ for a productive day.

Processs Map To Work Flow


Step 1: Log In To Hootsuite


If you have not signed up for a free Hootsuite account, click the green "Sign up now" button to do this now.

If you have an account, login to your Hootsuite account now.

Step 2: Click “Settings” Button (Footer)


Step 3: Click “Social Networks” (Top)


Step 4: Click “Add Social Network” (Top Right)


Step 5: Click “LinkedIn” & Connect with LinkedIn


Input Email and Password. Click “OK” Button.


View New LinkedIn Profile Added


[Adding LinkedIn Column] Step 6: Click “Home” Tab (Top)


Step 7: Click “Add Column” (Top Right)


Step 8: Select “LinkedIn” From Dropdown Table


Step 9: Select “Network Updates” From Type


Step 10: Check Your Profile. Click “Create Column”.


View New LinkedIn Column Added


Now that your new LinkedIn column is added, simply drag & drop the column to customize your control panel view of your social media profiles.

Send Status Update To LinkedIn Via Hootsuite


(1) Add whatever text update you desire in the text field

(2) Check your LinkedIn profile icon

(3) Click "Send Now"

End Result: Status Updated in LinkedIn


Your Thoughts?

Would you use Hootsuite? Would you integrate LinkedIn? Did this tutorial help?

Appreciate your thoughts and feedback ;-)


Is it possible to only link my company LinkedIn and not my personal one to HootSuite