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We know how to run successful family restaurants, but our expertise wasn’t in web design or web marketing, and our web stuff was not consistent with what we had achieved offline in our restaurants. Menus weren’t updated, the website sorely needed a makeover, and none of us in our 4 locations had the expertise or time to make this happen. We wanted to work with an expert who can keep our online brand consistent with our offline brand, manage and grow our audience reach through social media and help us show up on page 1 of Google so we could grow our business.

Sherman has been a long-time customer at our restaurant and one thing led to another, we’ve retained him to be our web marketing consultant. We’re now dominating page 1 of Google and Map Pack for our important keywords, our website is looking good with current content and our reach on Facebook and our newsletter has grown by leaps and bounds. We couldn’t be happier! If you’re an Abbotsford or Chilliwack business owner who wants an expert to work on your website and SEO, we highly recommend Sherman. He’s a super-friendly guy, and he’ll blow you away with his expertise in helping you grow your business!

Chris Gerela & Yianni SahamisOwners of Award-Winning Greek Restaurants (Chilliwack, BC)Greek Islands Restaurants

We wanted a fresh and professional makeover for our brand and website, but didn’t want to over-extend our time and financial resources on this.

I’m amazed how simple and easy the process was working with Sherman. It was great to have it done for us, quickly and smoothly with Sherman’s expertise. We now have the professional look and new fresh perspective we need to move forward with our company. What a huge relief!

If you need it done for you as you don’t have much time to work on your website and marketing for your business, I recommend Sherman. He went above and beyond what I needed him to do with our branding, website makeover, layouts and copywriting! It was great to have his professional marketing wisdom to improve our company’s presence, but also keeping who we are as a company in mind. Highly recommended.

Ryan & Angela BlockResidential Construction & Interior Design (Chilliwack, BC)

Branding. Online Branding. That is what Sherman will do for you.

He is an expert at Blogging, doing podcasts, and is a great producer. I have worked with Sherman and he knows what he is doing.

Good branding has to be done online as well as offline, and Sherman can take you there.

As far as his producing skills, I know a little about that. I am a 4 time Emmy Award winning producer and writer, and Sherman will do for you online, what I spent years doing offline for networks, syndication and cable.

Larry EmswellerMedia Executive in Broadcasting, Publishing & New Media (Nashville)

Sherman is hands down THE blogging, podcasting and video expert in my book. His ability to think creatively is truly astounding. He can take mundane subject matter and transform it (using his winning personality) into fascinating subject matter. Best of all his techniques get me conversions from my website visitors and that’s what we’re all after.

I enthusiastically recommend Sherman to anyone who has a blog or wants to learn how to easily create loyalty in the marketplace.

Darrin MishPresident, Law Offices of Darrin T. Mish, P.A. Nationally Recognized Tax Attorney (Tampa, FL)

Sherman Hu is a consummate professional and an artist. He completely revamped my website, making it attractive, inviting, easy to navigate and with a strong visual authority. It simply feels right. Finally, I have something that represents me accurately.

Sherman is a joy to work with — able to give you what you want while gently talking you out of some of your bad ideas. He was a terrific partner in the process. He works quickly and is there to serve. I can’t say enough good things about him.

Michael NankinAward-Winning Director/Writer/Executive Producer (Los Angeles)

Sherman is an insightful entrepreneur with a gift for discerning people’s needs and meeting them. He is a delight to work with, quick with ideas and solutions, and widely experienced in his field.

Sherman is not only excellent at what he does but also enjoyable to be around and collaborate with. I highly recommend his services to anyone who values quality, efficiency and a great working relationship.

Sarah AsafteiProducer & Director (Tampa, FL)

Amy Lyndon’s response to me after I got her booked as an expert columnist on the ever-popular magazine…

Major win on Backstage! Thank you!!! I will put together everything she wants to get started and send it over to you. Thank You!!! Please tell her that I accept :)))

Amy LyndonCEO, The Lyndon Technique; Producer & Award-Winning Actress (Los Angeles)

I learned of Sherman through a friend of mine. I have to tell you after reviewing Sherman’s material (I was particularly interested in what he has been doing with video), this guy is awesome and on the leading edge. You need to watch what he is doing and listen to him!

Frank GirardMarketing & Advertising (New York)

I didn’t know how to start and was feeling overwhelmed by the largess of managing my internet presence. As a result of working with Sherman, it all makes sense now, is doable, and the results are attainable, if you have someone showing you the way.

Specifically, I appreciate Sherman’s absolute commitment to positivity and finding the ‘how to do it’ every time. The other benefits of working with Sherman is the increase in my ability to directly build and communicate with my audience. Plus, he made the ideas I had in my head practical and possible, and upped my exposure to new clients.

I would absolutely recommend Sherman because he knows how to get things done, and help one avoid pitfalls.

If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend you talk to Sherman. He is one of the most positive, competent, “willing to find a way” kind of people I’ve ever met. Things seem possible (because they are) when he is helping!

Jeb BeachActor Teacher (Vancouver)

The biggest obstacle to getting my website launched was finding the time to get it done or the money to invest in it. I’m so glad I got Sherman on mine as now I have something that represents ME, and my publicity and brand marketing is spot on. I especially liked how my website is catered so specifically to me! And his website design for my Ginger 66 Band website is so incredible!

I would definitely recommend Sherman, he’s the best! Working with Sherman was so wonderful. His easy going nature and fun personality makes it so easy. He has a speciality for marketing the person in their site. Its as if he has known you for years. He finds out about you, in a short period of time, and creates something special. I would recommend Sherman to anyone looking to market themselves. Plus, he’s just a fantastic guy. At the end of the day, you want to visit his family for dinner!

Michelle HarrisonActor & Musician (Vancouver)

I’ve always been skeptical to pay a web designer because I don’t speak the language and I was not sure someone could capture the essence of what I do. I was also afraid to overpay someone under qualified that slapped together a simple website template I could have stumbled through on my own. A great friend of mine referred me to Sherman and shared with me that he’s the real deal.

But all my worries were instantly crushed by working with Sherman. Not only did Sherman understand and capture the essence of my business, he was also able to extrapolate and improve ideas I had. Sherman exceeded my expectations and never did I feel as though I overpaid. Well worth every penny.

I especially liked the way Sherman captured my clients’ stories and showed them off magnificently. Also, I really like how both the desktop and mobile-version sites look and feel the same.

In my opinion, there are 3 big benefits in working with Sherman. Firstly, his design consultation process was thorough, not rushed, and friendly. Secondly, just his consultation alone helped me hone in on my product offerings. Plus, throughout the process, our interaction helped inspire me to action. Finally, I’m now absolutely confident in sending people to my site!

I would absolutely recommend Sherman to anyone I know looking to create an amazing site. I really enjoyed the process from front to back. And Sherman always responded quickly to my questions, addressed concerns and delivered what he said he would.

I’m thrilled I listened to my friend’s referral to work with Sherman, and will happily work with him again in the future!

Mathew FreemanFitness Trainer, Mathew Freeman Fitness

As an actor in Vancouver I have little control over the casting process but I am able to have control over my media footprint. I have an arena in which to present myself on a professional level outside of the audition room. It’s sensational to have an official website to promote my business! I am so pleased with the website Sherman designed for me!

It has me excited with the possibilities at my fingertips. I love the idea of digital promo. With the click of a button casting / producers / directors are able to see my history in one place on my web page, a glimpse into my career personality. It has proven to be a worthy investment for my business and it is my favourite new tool. The design is slick, easy to navigate and I am able to do my own updates and have even started to blog. It’s just the beginning. I encourage everyone to investigate and get started.

I was hesitating over having a website, it seemed daunting and maybe I wasn’t ready until I met Sherman and discovered his services for actors. Sherman is professional, easy to talk to and he was a delight to work with. Everything went without a hitch. I am looking forward to learning more about new media and how it affects our business. I am happy I took the leap and have the added benefit from getting to know Sherman Hu, a stellar individual.

Jenn KoenigActor (Vancouver)

Sherman provides great service and information to the internet marketing, promotion and podcasting worlds. When it comes to cutting edge techniques and technology, Sherman is your best resource bar none!

Lennie Appelquist1st AD, FreeMarket Media Group (Los Angeles)

Sherman’s knowledge of website design is amazing and his patience level for helping non-tech savvy people such as myself is equal to his skill! It was a very collaborative experience with an outcome I am more than pleased with. He’s truly a pleasure to work with!

Thank you again, Sherman!

Tatiana TurnerActor (Vancouver, Toronto & LA)

My obstacle was always financial when trying to decide whether to build my own website — and not knowing who to turn to — but Sherman made it so easy for me. As soon as I found out about the web collection for actors, I signed up and now I have a gorgeous, personalized, professional website! I love my whole website…. the final result is amazing! And the process was also extremely fast and stress free.

Sherman is incredibly helpful, enthusiastic, friendly, smart, and efficient — as well as extremely skilled and talented. He did a superb job on my actor website and connecting all my social media profiles & making it look fantastic. Plus Sherman takes the time to make your site unique and special to match your brand.

The thing that stood out was Sherman’s kindness & passion for people… he clearly loves what he does, and it makes him a joy to work with.

I would highly recommend Sherman’s service to actors because I haven’t found a service like it! It allows actors to have the most professional, beautiful, and personalized websites. It is fast, stress free, and FUN! Sherman is friendly, fast, and generous with his knowledge and time.

Thank you, Sherman! I am so blown away by the final product, and couldn’t be happier. I am so excited to share it with the world! I feel this will truly help me take my business to the next level. You were a pleasure to work with, and will absolutely recommend you to everyone I know.

Jessica RoseActor (Toronto)

Sherman, you are a super rock star! I’m so happy with the website you designed for me and I’m proud to show it. Not only that, you took time to tutor me on how to update the site myself.

Plus, you were fun and easy to work with. Most importantly, you were relaxed and patient with me and my non-techie skills. – priceless! Many thanks!

(Updated Nov 2017) Sherman Hu created a wonderful website for me a number of years ago. He made it look and function exactly as I wanted it to. Over time it became out of date. So I recently contacted him again to revise the site and make it more current. Just like the first time, he was outstandingly helpful, professional, on time, reasonably priced, highly responsive, and gave much more than was asked of him. It’s a pleasure to work with him. He does what he says he will, when he says he will, and does it all with stunning expertise. Hire him!

Ariana AttieMusician (Los Angeles)

A big obstacle was knowing who to trust with my website presence. This is a competitive industry and a website is my image to the online community, I needed to have my best image possible. Sherman made it affordable and easy. I edit and update my site from home. He is always there to help me with questions or concerns regarding how to navigate my site. He is enthusiastic about his profession and it shows in the quality of his work. Sherman is what I would use for an example of a professional.

I have not stopped getting compliments regarding the professionalism of my site. I am proud to direct people to it. I use it as the centre for all of my related links on the web.

I am in love with the fact that all the other media pages people have on line, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube, IMDB, etc can all be found on my website. One place that branches to millions across the world. Best feature ever!!!

In addition, I can update my own page and add media or remove. I can keep people visiting the site up to date with my company. My blog allows me to connect on a more personal level with my guests. The transition between the pages and images are so smooth.

I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about having a web presence online. If you are trying to reach an international or even in a big city like Vancouver or Toronto you need to have an online place where people can find your product. Sherman has created that. The best part is that he didn’t just create a page, take my money and leave. He is there for technical support so that I can continue to grow with my website as my company grows. Getting a website done with Sherman Hu was the best thing that has ever happened to my company and people are starting to notice.

Whitney GraceProducer, Slate Productions; Actor (Vancouver)

As an artist, I tend to waffle about my readiness to launch – and financially, I was unsure if I was “ready” to take things to another level with my website.

Thanks to Sherman for being more than just a web designer, as he – in the funniest philosophical way – prodded me into jumping off my proverbial fence to embrace my new professional brand.

As a result, I now have a site that I feel proud to share with the corporate world as well as the artistic world. And I found Sherman to display great professionalism with many useful resources up his sleeve.

I feel I’ve had a professional make-over! What I liked most about Sherman’s service is how he intently listened to my thoughts and implemented them perfectly. I love the unexpected style that grew from our talks, infused with Sherman’s ideas.

Now, I have a new site that represents more of what I want to portray as a professional, a new logo for my brand, and new website features I didn’t have before. I feel proud of the look now!

I would highly recommend Sherman’s service as a website developer. He is easy to work with, accommodating, gently assertive (when you need it) and has valuable initiative. Sherman also finds the fun, and passion in the work, which becomes infectious!

Sherman goes beyond the call of duty because he cares. He is prompt when he says he is going to change something, or do something for you. His unexpected creativity is… well, unexpected, and great!

Trilby JeevesActing Coach (Vancouver), Buffoonery Workshops

Hey dude, I LOVE the new look and am so excited as to where this is going!!

I am over the moon about this website and cannot wait to launch it. It is going to be soooo much better for pastors to see when they book me. I am fielding calls almost daily now from pastors who want to know more about my business and the old format just wasn’t cutting it. I am so grateful to have you in my life to get this done so well!! Did I mention that YOU ROCK???!!!!

SO totally stoked can barely see straight!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!

Eryn-Faye FransCanada’s Passion Coach®, Writer, Speaker (Toronto)

Sherman’s coaching guided us as we launched and helped us mold the business model that we use with great success today. Sherman can help any business owner at any level of growth.

I highly recommend Sherman’s coaching programs. And his TV show is pretty cool too. Thanks Sherman!

Rodney GrubbsMarketing & Advertising Director (Cincinnati)

Sherman has an incredibly high level of dedication to teaching with no strings attached. Through his work on, he has successfully elevated awareness of Web 2.0 strategies among numerous businesses and individuals.

Sherman has the ability to give a full understanding of his subject without bamboozling the student with loads of jargon and complexities. His understanding of blog marketing and the rest of social media is second to none as is his ability to make it simple to understand.

I highly recommend Sherman to any one who wants to further their knowledge of the entire Web 2.0 world. Any purchase of Sherman’s products, training programs or services is money well spent and is sure to give you a huge return on your investment and a dramatic increase in your bottom line.

Sharon VazWeb Strategist (Dallas / Fort Worth)

I had zero experience working with video. Frankly, I was downright scared, but Sherman gave me a step-by-step roadmap, helped me fine tune my topic and really put me at ease on how to appear on video. That was really important for me as I’m very unsure of how I should appear on video.

With Sherman’s encouragement, training and methodology, I was able to put together 3 videos on my own. His system works for me because I know that I can follow a step by step process and get consistent results. Be ready to rock the house because Sherman plays full on and he loves it when his clients win.

Shirley TaneCommerce Marketing Specialist (San Francisco)

Sherman Hu is extremely innovative. He is the best podcaster, producer and vlogger I have met. He is also a lot of fun. I highly recommend him.

Joyce BoneDirector, Rubicon Global (Atlanta, GA)

Sherman is at the top of his field in helping entrepreneurs and business owners build and maintain successful, very successful, WordPress blogs!

Elsom EldridgeAuthor, "The Obvious Expert" (Amazon Bestseller) (Orlando, FL)

Contracting Sherman to develop my blog and produce my Welcome video was perfect for me as it helped me get a jump start. I was nervous about doing my own video, but Sherman made me comfortable and walked me through the process like a pro.

I love working with Sherman! What I liked most is the time Sherman takes in learning about you and your business, and it really shows in the end product. His patience in working with me to make sure the end result was as good as it could be made a big difference, and a big impression on me! He gave me a wonderful product to use for my business, and I learned alot in the process.

Sherman is quick thinking, extremely knowledgeable and quite frank. He has no problem telling you like it is. My best advice is for you to LISTEN!

Just talking with Sherman and hearing his point of view on different aspects of my business was invaluable. In some cases it gave me a fresh perspective, and I saw things through new eyes. In other cases, it was just the reassurance and positive reinforcement I needed to know I was headed in the right direction.

Sherman’s one hip dude! There’s no doubt that this man keeps his finger on the pulse of new media, social and video marketing. You can learn more in a 30 minute conversation than some folks can teach you in six months.

In addition, Sherman’s a patient teacher, trusted advisor and seasoned marketer who’ll put your business on the path to quick success!

I would absolutely recommend Sherman, and I have! Part of me doesn’t want him getting too many new customers, just so he’ll have time for me! But seriously, I encourage anyone ready to take that next step in their business to consult with Sherman.

Sherman rocks! Let him get you on the path to marketing your products and services to the right customers, at the right time, and in the right channels!

Annemarie O’BeaSocial Media, Copywriting & Branding Consultant (Atlanta)

As an online teacher still learning how to present online, I thought Sherman’s presentation of how I can craft my video messages using his 3-Act structure very helpful to organize my presentations and to keep them short and to the point.

Seeing Sherman demonstrate what he was encouraging us to try in a group setting first, and then getting involved right away in the task he set up, broke down a lot of barriers about learning new technology. Learning the technology seemed doable after the initial group session.

The personal, 1-1 coaching session was also helpful. Actually having a date set on my calendar for a personal coaching session motivated me to experiment with the technology and get working models ready to discuss with Sherman. I probably would have procrastinated on this for a long while longer if it hadn’t been for this set date.

Sherman’s ease and assurance with the technology put me at ease in the 1-1 coaching session. We had a video-conference session through Skype for our sesson. This was not a barrier at all. He was able to demonstrate a technique by sharing his desktop with me and doing what he was describing, which made it easy for me to grasp. It’s true, a picture IS worth a 1000 words!

Sherman’s feedback on my first projects was helpful and encouraging as well as to the point. I felt he could pick out suggestions that would make sense without getting bogged in the theory about why (a true gift!). After our 1-1 conference I felt I could easily use this information to make the changes he suggested to my current projects or to make new ones a little more accessible.

The whole experience, in fact, from beginning to end, felt empowering for me. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to tweak their video presentation skills for online presentations – from the neophyte to the experienced presenter. We all have something to learn and I’m sure Sherman could find something to make anyone’s presentation shine that much brighter.

Thanks, Sherman!

CJ MacKinnon ScottProject-Based Distributed Learning Instructor (Vancouver)

I learned from Sherman’s WordPress Tutorials to assist me and my own clients with their blogging. I implemented one small strategy which he called permalinks setup within my blog and my client’s site immediately jumped to the top of the Searh Engines.

This was a valuable lesson, because it showed me just when I thought I had the “correct” information, Sherman showed me there is still some more to learn. Thanks Sherman.

Mark ArcherReal Estate Investments (San Diego)

Sherman is a genius at making social media work for business owners. We have some clients in common so I’ve seen him in action. He shares cutting-edge information and insightful suggestions … all done with kindness and humor, while making his clients feel valued. You can’t help but love Sherman and appreciate his expertise.

Colleen McGunnigleIdentity, Web & Print Designer (New York)

Sherman is the Answer to Social Marketing Overload. The information and advice he offers is always easy to understand and simple to implement. When I need to decipher Web 2.0 Sherman is ALWAYS the guy I call!

John JaworskiBusiness Growth Strategist (Key West, FL)

Sherman is a gifted presenter and a very talented marketer who enjoys working with others. Sherman’s training materials are first class and he is a sought after speaker.

James MartellAffiliate Marketer (Vancouver)

Sherman was recommended to me by a business partner because of his expertise in all things blog and wordpress oriented. I was not disappointed. Sherman is a true expert in these areas.

What’s more, he is personable, easy to talk to and business savvy as well. Unlike some IT experts that I have worked with, Sherman understands how what he does integrates with your business and can add real value fast. Sherman asks insightful business (as well as technical) questions and makes powerful suggestions.

I would highly recommend Sherman as a business partner and as someone with integrity, expertise and personality.

Gavin InghamSales Motivational Speaker (UK)

Sherman is an exceptionally helpful and intelligent businessman. When it comes to needing expert help with blogging and video (amongst many areas of New Media) Sherman is the ‘go to guy’. Sherman is very passionate about using New Media to interact with your audience and is at the ‘cutting edge’ of the ever changing market place.

I would not hesitate to suggest Sherman as anything else but an incredible resource of knowledge, not to mention being one of the nicest guys you will meet.

Andrew R EdwardsDigital Marketing Senior Strategist & Speaker (Brisbane, Australia)

I interviewed Sherman about the ins and outs of blogging for SEO, and was impressed not only by his vast knowledge, but by how easygoing he was and how much fun we had on the call!

Often interviews with technical geniuses can become very dry, but in Sherman’s case it was upbeat, lively, and informative, and the value to the audience never stopped for the full 90 minutes.

Heather ValeMedia Interviewer, Host and Writer

I first met Sherman at the System Seminar in 2006. I went to his class on how to use WordPress blogs as part of an online marketing strategy. I implemented what I learned from him that day and in less than 6 months went from not listed to #1 spot for my keywords in Google search listings for my blog. He’s not only an expert, he knows how to make learning fun! If you want to know how to blog, Sherman is the guy you want to learn from.

Craig EubanksEmail Marketing Specialist & Copywriter (San Francisco)

Sherman is THE man when it comes to web 2.0 social marketing software, methods and mechanics. As a Producer, Blogger, Podcaster, Vlogger, Sherman is way ahead of the curve when it comes to staying on top of what’s new and what works. When I need advice or help when it comes creating web 2.0 strategy, Sherman is the very first name on my speed dial.

Don Scott SchnureCEO

Great work on helping people get the most from WordPress. Using that as a base he has given out great advice for developing audio and video to help promote our business.

Roger HutchisonWeb Video Specialist (Bellingham, WA)

Sherman is an amazingly prolific, energetic and positive media specialist who will prove an asset to any team or project. I enjoy our opportunities to work together and consider him a good friend.

Dave TaylorWriter, Columnist & Speaker (Denver, CO)

Sherman is the person I turn to when I need help with anything Web 2.0. Especially anything having to do with Video, Mobile blogging, or Podcasting. He is a valuable resource, always has a quick answer, and explains things so that even a newbie can understand and implement.

Jeff MadisonService Advisor, Billion Automotive (Iowa)

Sherman has helped our Android box business greatly with his tutorial videos, creating great educational tutorials for our users to learn and understand how to use our systems.

When I made the decision to start a new venture delivering affordable, fresh produce to customers in the Fraser Valley, along with helping local charitable organizations and our lower-income sector with donations from profits, Sherman once again was there to help us 100%.

When Sherman offered to help us with a great website, I agreed. In 2 days, we had a website. Sherman created all the artwork, the layout, the shopping cart & even designed print flyers for delivering to neighborhoods to promote our new website and delivery service.

The speed in which he accomplished this is amazing! What would have taken me forever to do with much poorer quality, he did in a couple days, with amazing graphics and ease of use for our users – Sherman definitely has a super creative talent.

Our customers instantly took a liking to our new website look. Our new brand and domain name was Sherman’s brainchild. Not only did we receive lots of compliments about our new website, but customer orders started pouring in too, at such a fast rate that I was not prepared for. When I needed modifications to the website, he was on top of it instantly.

Now that we have a fully functioning website – which took less than 1 week to go from concept to fully functioning – Sherman is now working on full SEO and online marketing for our new brand – providing fresh, low-cost produce, delivered to your front door at zero cost. Every community we deliver to also gets support from us by way of donations to the community help centers, cold weather shelters and food banks.

Because of the work Sherman has done for us we are now able to help so many families get healthy food that they would not normally be able to purchase due to inflated margins of produce and our customers’ restricted incomes. We’re so excited we can now offer this great valuable service.

Thank you Sherman for all you have done for both of our programs.

Real DesmaraisOwner, (Abbotsford, BC)