Sherman Hu

Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Google-Trusted Virtual Tour Street View Photographer.

Sherman Hu - Headshot

I help health professionals and clinics get 150%-500% more searches in Google and Maps, resulting in increased calls, bookings, visits and sales.

Here are the top 10 reasons why clients choose to work with me:

Specializing in Search engine optimization (SEO) since 2002, I have 18 years of full-time experience serving clients to help them dominate their competition and crush it on Google for their businesses.

While others are working with practitioners new to the game or executing SEO part-time, you’re working with a professional who’s invested 18+ years into his craft and hones his craft full-time.

As an award-winning Search engine optimization specialist and Google Street View Trusted Photographer producing virtual tours for businesses, I’m consistently helping my clients with bleeding-edge strategies to outsmart their competition in the Google universe.

While other practitioners  are using tired old strategies that don’t work today, you’re working with a specialist who knows what works and what strategies will work for you.

Being experienced and qualified doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t translate to results for you. A critical aspect to achieving results is “following the money trail” with how Google is investing millions towards their global domination.

Once you know Google’s motivation to being the king of voice search (“Google, where’s the closest Greek restaurant?”) and needing us to help them connect the dots for them (entities like people + places + things), and what that means for your brand being regarded as a trusted entity in Google’s eyes, then we’re on the right path towards getting results for you.

Once we give Google what they want, it’ll give you what you want in visibility, traffic, calls, bookings, visits, leads and sales.

My clients love that I communicate with them with the method (SMS, email, call, video) and frequency (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) that works best for them.

While others have challenges communicating with their practitioners chasing them down wondering what’s going with their search campaign, you will have the peace of mind being regularly updated with your preferred method of communication.

I’m elbow deep executing strategies and techniques for my clients to help them crush it. My clients appreciate working with the head guy and not an agency rep.

This means they’re talking to the specialist who’s working on the technical aspects of their campaign, and not an account manager who’s just the face/voice of the company.

This also means my clients aren’t paying for agency bloat or overhead, knowing all their budget is focused towards their campaign.

No successful person ever gets to the top on their own. We stand on the shoulders of giants, or superheroes.

I’m an active card-carrying member of an elite league of extraordinary SEOs that meet twice a month to discuss secret strategies and share cutting-edge digital marketing methods unique to our industry. This allows me to keep my clients ahead of the pack and get results that no one else can.

My clients appreciate speaking with and writing to a specialist that can understand their desired outcomes, nuances and lingo in native English, without wondering if who they’re speaking to *really* gets what they’re trying to convey. This means less confusion or aggravation on their part, while saving time, energy and sanity.

Fun fact: I was born and raised in Singapore, aced English in school, and failed Mandarin. Yes, I’m Chinese and failed Mandarin. Hey, I see you laughing and judging me. That’s okay to laugh, I understand. So, I represent by looking Chinese very well :-)

Though I’ve specialized in Search Engine Optimization since 2002, I’m savvy with a variety of marketing channels like WordPress web design, video production and marketing, Google Street View virtual tour photography, Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) management, content marketing, podcasting, email marketing, etc.

This means when we have brainstorming sessions on multi-channel marketing, I have the foresight to know how your unique situation can be leveraged by a variety of marketing channels, if required.

My clients appreciate my contribution to the success of their business. As a result, they willingly give me 5-star reviews that you can read on this page and also on my Google My Business listing.

In your search for a trusted Search engine optimization specialist, wouldn’t you want to work with and trust a professional who is dominating in Maps with loads of reviews, as a representation for what they can help you accomplish with yours?

This might sound strange as to why I’m adding this as a reason to work with me. Personally, I believe all areas of our life is inter-connected and intertwined. Compartmentalizing only goes so far.

I’ve found that if a person’s family life is in turmoil or out of balance, it negatively impacts their professional life so that their results and output suffers too.

As a happily married husband of 24 years, with 2 young adult children who still love hanging out with me #mybaddadjokesgameisstrong, I believe my healthy family life translates to a productive professional life, which in turn benefits you and your business.

I’m naturally curious (about people and how things work, like outsmarting your competition), love life and laughter, so many around me say I’m a great conversationalist and all round great guy – which means you’re working with someone pleasant and not a rude/toxic person.

Search engine optimization – Schema – Entity Establishment

“…my website was on page three of google. I decided to hire Sherman not really knowing what to expect and wow was I in for some amazing changes! Not only is my business at the top of google now, my schedule book is full! He really works hard for his clients, he has great ideas and he has completely turned things around for me.”
~ Tyrer Sharples, Dog Trainer, A Dogs Training and Rehabilitation

“I’ve hired a lot of SEO professionals over the years, but Sherman is absolutely the best I’ve ever come across. In a very short time I’ve seen my website move up in the search results more than ever before. He’s very good at what he does, but he’s also very friendly, pays attention to detail, answers all my questions, and is great at getting back to me quickly. He’s as good as they come.”
~ Larry Johnson, Entertainment Agent, Green Light Booking

Google Maps (Google My Business) Marketing

“We wanted to work with an expert who can keep our online brand consistent with our offline brand, and help us show up on page 1 of Google so we could grow our business. We’re now dominating page 1 of Google and Map Pack for our important keywords, and our website is looking good with current content. We couldn’t be happier! If you want an expert to work on your website and SEO, we highly recommend Sherman. He’s a super-friendly guy, and he’ll blow you away with his expertise in helping you grow your business!”
~ Yianni, Yianni & Niko, Owners of Award-Winning Greek Restaurants, Greek Islands Restaurants

“…our Google listing content was improved and our web exposure increased significantly.”
~ Andrea B., Clinic Manager, CBI Health Centre

“Good results from our SEO.”
~ Mira P., Owner, Silhouette Spa & Laser

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) Management

“You are AWWWEEMAZZING! Grateful for you and your genius. How cool on the production! We are both very happy with your efforts. YOU ARE AWESOME!”
~ Amy H., Marketing Consultant to Home Health Care franchises

Web design

“When I saw the website Sherman built for me this was my response, “Oh my word. The site looks absolutely stunning. I can’t believe it. You made me look like a rockstar! This looks like a $10,000.00 website. Thank you so much! Your service is top notch.”
~ Kelly Rader, Speaker, Author, Life Coach

“I was looking for an experienced and professional website designer and SEO service company in Chilliwack BC to help me with my Microscopic Electrolysis business (permanent hair removal). I found Sherman to be the perfect guy for the job; He is creative, knowledgeable, dedicated, down-to-earth and extremely patient! More importantly, he took the time to learn about my unique business so that he could help me promote my it effectively. He gave me step by step directions with WordPress so I could get involved in making changes to my own website. I would recommend Sherman to anyone wanting an honest, dedicated, knowledgeable, professional and fun Website designer and SEO services professional.”
~ Kim Gerry, Certified Electrologist, Timeless Electrolysis & Esthetics

“Sherman designed and created a website that suited exactly what I had described. Very approachable and easy to communicate your ideas with, and he will make sure you get what you want. I will continue to work with Sherman.”
~ Krish Deo, B.Kin, CPT, EIM-1, Kinesiologist

Video production and marketing

“As a multiple Emmy winning journalist I’ve worked with some amazing editors and Sherman is among the VERY best. He took time to get to know me before assisting me with my demo reel. He was both thoughtful and efficient. Sherman truly cares about his clients and he’s an absolute joy to work with.”
~ Lisa Hillary, Emmy-winning Journalist, Actor

“Sherman was great to work with. He was friendly and professional and was able to capture quality photos and videos of our clinic and staff.”
~ Andrea B., Clinic Manager, CBI Health Centre

“Sherman helped me with the production of a few videos and my clients loved him. He was easy to talk to and he made it so ordinary that my nervous clients didn’t even know they were being interviewed.”
~ Kim Gerry, Certified Electrologist, Timeless Electrolysis

“…the videos he produced for us works really well for us, and we consistently get compliments on it from clients. In fact, many new clients have chosen to book with us because they find us on Google, view the videos and feel like they are really connected to us.”
~ Rhonda Arnold, Hair Salon Owner, Studio Rouge

Virtual tour (Google Street View)

In less than a week, we had over 500 views of our 360’s. I love how Sherman does what he says he is going to do at the time he says he is going to do it. I definitely recommend him – no hesitation.”
~ April Graham, Clinic Manager, Physiotherapist, CBI Health Centre

Sherman did a fantastic job of shooting 360 degree photos for my business! Along with being very personable and easy to communicate with I was also impressed by his punctuality, reliability and willingness to go the extra mile. I highly recommend him and his services.”
~ Wil Seto, Physiotherapist, Clinic Owner

Sherman went above and beyond to ensure that our business was captured in its best light – on and off camera. He asked thorough questions throughout the entire process while taking images of our facility to encapsulate our brand in its imagery.”
~ E.F., Marketing Manager, Vancouver Gun Range

Type of Clients I Serve

  • Health Professionals & Clinics

    Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Laser Clinics, Dentists, Registered Clinical Counsellors, and similar professions.

  • Growth Business Mindset

    I thrive in collaborative business relationships where the clinic manager/owner:

    • Has a growth (abundance vs scarcity) mindset
    • Focuses on what they do best and leaves me to execute on what I do best
    • Gives me autonomy (vs micro-manages)
    • Understands that their investment in marketing is ongoing (vs stopping their marketing when the results are achieved)
    • Believes in scaling when milestones are achieved and ROI is positive/strong (vs reducing/stopping marketing efforts)
    • Expects a positive ROI from my strategies, yet has the sensibilities to affirm and champion wins throughout the journey.
  • (Digital) Marketing Budget Allocated

    Clients who have a marketing budget allocated, especially a digital marketing budget, are a joy to work with. More often than not, they realize the power of the investment in marketing, especially in slow seasons.

    Your search engine optimization and ad marketing budget is dependent on scope, competition, city/urban geographic area, and how aggressive you want to attack your market. If your marketing budget investment is in the range of $2,000 to $5,000+ a month, you’re in a good starting place.

Type of Clients I Don’t Serve

  • Trades

    • I’ve served professionals in the trades, but it’s not a vertical I align strongly with.
  • Scarcity Mindset & No/Low Marketing Budgets

    • It doesn’t work for me to work with demanding (“my way or the highway”) and toxic (belittling or disrespectful towards staff/customers) business relationships where the manager/owner:
      • Has a scarcity mindset
      • Wants to micro-manage me and my processes every step of the way
      • Only wants to invest marketing dollars in return for qualified leads (this is called Pay Per Lead, which is not my service model.)
      • Stops marketing spend when the results are achieved
      • Does not scale when milestones are achieved or ROI is positive/strong. Instead, they reduce or stop marketing efforts altogether.
      • Expects a positive ROI from my strategies “overnight” or in the first month.
    • If you’re starting out, have no marketing budget allocated, or “you only have $1,000 left to spend on marketing and if doesn’t bring in alot of sales, you’re shutting down your business” – please, please, do not call me.
    • If the above bullet points describe you, Google for a different internet marketing professional to work with.