As a web marketing strategist, Sherman finds tremendous value working with SMBs to make their web assets work harder for them, whether its a better-performing website, video that improve engagement or conversions, or prominent exposure through search marketing.

He has produced and hosted a weekly web TV show, coached thousands of business owners about web marketing and WordPress through his video tutorials and workshops, and created web marketing curriculum for an Atlanta-based eCommerce-marketing training university.

I have a passion: To simplify and demystify new media so business owners can profit from it. I’ve evangelized this message through teaching in workshops, speaking at conferences, video broadcasts and custom services to small business owners and not-for-profit organizations – to embrace new media to build customer relationships, increase sales and maximize profits.

Here are highlights of my journey worth sharing with you:

  • Born and raised in Singapore, been a Canadian since ’89 and now living in Vancouver.
  • A husband in love and proud parent to 2 fabulous children who are home-schooled.
  • My definition of success is – the love and respect of my family and closest friends.
  • Love a great meal with good friends and lots of laughter – peeps tell me they know I’m in the vicinity when they hear me laughing :-)
  • In August 2009, I experienced an emergency flight coming home to Vancouver from Atlanta, proving to be my DEFINING MOMENT. What I’m focusing on now is to build passive revenue (through my series of mobile apps and training programs), while serving my local business marketplace.
  • Produced & hosted the “Half Hour Huddle”, a weekly web TV show (for an entire year) answering new media questions LIVE from hundreds of business owners.
  • Passionate and energetic when presenting and simplifying technology to business owners, and have been complimented for my patience in coaching beginners with my step-by-step, ‘no-question-is-a-silly-question’ approach.
  • Trained thousands of business owners to create their own blogs, podcasts, videos, social media & web marketing campaigns through my step-by-step tutorials, web TV show or workshops.
  • Was Chief Blogging Instructor of (2006-early 2010), and coached thousands of business owners through training videos & web conferences on setting up, customizing, utilizing, marketing and profiting from WordPress blogs.
  • Was headhunted (2007-2010) to join the Faculty as Blogging Instructor, creating curriculum and training thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs how to create thriving internet and eCommerce businesses.
  • I’ve promoted websites to #1 positions in competitive arenas like real estate, travel industries, healthcare etc.
  • In 2007, I promoted a network of 20+ cosmetic dentistry websites to deliver traffic and new walk-in clients. The project was a success with a bottom-line result of $3+ million dollars in lifetime value for the owners.
  • In 2004, I partnered in an online Christmas Tree (Artificial Fibre-Optic Pre-Lit) sales venture. Accomplished #1 positions in natural search for top search terms and sold 6000 trees in 2 months, resulting in a multi-million dollar revenue season. That was amazing, as I didn’t realize folks would buy Christmas trees online!

There you have it. Maybe wasn’t so short after all, but hopefully sweeter than not ;-)

If you’d like to connect to discuss your marketing plans for your business or organization, contact me here.

A husband in love and proud parent to 2 fabulous teenagers, Sherman’s definition of success is “the love and respect of his family”.