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  • Heidi and Aly are owners of a well-known hair salon studio in Garrison who contacted me with their beautiful webpage whose search results in Google was behaving like an awful perm!
  • Yianni is co-owner of a family-owned Greek restaurant with 4 locations in the Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Surrey who approached me with a website and social media presence that lacked a spirited “OPA!”
  • Bill is the owner-operator of a famous butcher shop in Sardis that had an okay website, but his visibility was on the “chopping block”.

What do they have in common, besides the fact that if you live in Chilliwack, you may know one or all of the above business owners I’m referring to above?

They sorely needed to crush it in the Google Maps (aka “Google My Business”) and page 1 of Google Local Results.

However, they wanted more. Heidi, Yianni and Bill wanted to work with Sherman Hu SEO.


They want to trust their website to an SEO expert who lives and works in Chilliwack, the same town they love, live in, and work in, for the convenience of chatting while I’m in their store, or connecting over ideas and merely for the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing “Sherman’s in town and he’s got my back”.

That’s not all. These three business owners didn’t want to work with just any Chilliwack Search Engine Optimization marketing agency but one who’s a loyal customer at their business and is passionate about seeing them grow and scale. They were looking for a marketing technician who has been honing their craft since the beginning of time (well, since 2002) with results to show from other clients’ campaigns, is creative yet savvy with marketing, directly accessible and “speaks English” (but is easily conversant in Geek when the occasion calls for it).

Most importantly, they want guaranteed results for their business websites so that their digital visibility delivers them more phone calls and foot traffic into their salon, restaurant or store.

Today, Heidi and Aly refer to what I do for their business as “magical unicorn dust” as they’ve seen “real, tangible, phone calls and bookings”. Their results no longer resemble an awful perm but are now full of bounce.

Today, if you Google for “greek restaurants Chilliwack” or swap “Chilliwack” for “Abbotsford”, you’ll see them occupy one of the top 3 map listings and local search results. They continue to receive many 5-star reviews daily from customers, in addition to the hundreds they have already racked up, both on Google and on Facebook. Very deserving of a spirited “OPA!”

Also, Bill is crushing it at the top of the Maps and local results for “butcher Chilliwack”, his business exposure no longer on the “chopping block.”

Would you want me to deliver the same for your business?

What Are Your Desired Outcomes For Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization?

Are you in a situation where you:

A. Have contracted another SEO marketing company who was “all hat and no cattle”? Are you finally done with empty promises and want a local expert that works hard to deliver guaranteed results to help you crush it in the 3-pack of Google Maps and Google Local?

Alternatively, do you

B. Have a beautiful website, but your website traffic is “drier than a popcorn fart”? Do you desire your website and business to be “busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking convention”?

As a boutique agency where I’m the owner and your chief point of contact, I’m also the one who customizes your campaign based on filling the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and then I roll-up-my-sleeves to work with my team to help you crush it.

Customizing what Liam Neeson’s character’s line in the movie “Taken”,
“What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like (your business competitors).”

Since 2002, I’ve honed my craft, refined my strategies, accumulated skills and documented standard operating procedures that all revolve around getting my clients top visibility, engagement and conversions.

Do You Want To Get More Clicks, Calls, Visits & Sales From Your Google Maps SEO?

If you do, how’d you like to talk shop at one of our local Starbucks? I sure do think better with one of them Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew in my veins #justsaying – Otherwise, your office works well too.

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